Technological Solutions

We manage and develop innovative technological projects to respond to singular constructive problems.

We identify and develop technological projects in the area of ​​products for the sector of the construction industry. The projects are carried out within the framework of the company’s R & D with mixed public / private funding resources.

The projects aim at the competitive improvement of the company based on a thorough analysis of the market with the aim of placing innovative products with the transfer of the advances introduced.

We work in projects in the area of ​​R + D of the company providing innovative systems and solutions on enclosures and envelopes for various functional programs.

Strategic planning

  • Area Identification
  • Define technical interest
  • Technological methodological organizational constraints
  • Set goals and scope
  • Evaluate expected impact
  • External analysis market evolution
  • Analysis of the competition
  • Evolution of technology
  • Implement management unit
  • State of the art

Planning and Summary

  • Project summary
  • General and particular technical objectives
  • Division of technical scientific work
  • Workplan
  • Work packages / phases / tasks / milestones
  • Definition of resources
  • Budget Structuring

Technical development

  • Communication protocols
  • Follow-up indicators
  • Progress Reports
  • Controls by landmark
  • Management of results
  • Implantation
  • Internationalization and transfer

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