Communication Area


Design and creation of 3D models and generation of hyperrealistic images. We collaborate with some of the Spain’s most prestigious studies of decoration / interior design and architecture in national and international projects. We analyze each project according to the objectives of the presentation and the expressive qualities of the project, we select the most effective graphic techniques and didactic to guarantee the transfer of the contents that are wanted to teach. The presentations are digital, through web or physical supports according to the needs of the client.


From the generation of the story board we developed digital animations like videos, mixed presentations combining static images and animation. We use variable graphic supports such as photographs, 3d rendering, hands sketch, axonometries or diagrammatic schemes to generate virtual visits, presentations of projects or executives. The result is obtained through a process that includes the creation of slogans that articulate the report supporting the visual content of the animation with special effects and music.

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Media design

In constant feedback with the client we create original images with techniques that explore the expressive and subjective qualities of the design as support of graphic compositions, brochures, web pages, logos or architectural sketches. This type of support is required by clients who demand suggestive contents that seek the differentiation and uniqueness of the creators’ ability. These resources are sometimes used as background material for other presentation techniques such as digital videos or storyboards.

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