Project management and development

We develop innovative answers aimed at meeting the needs of companies in the management, development and communication of architectural and technological projects.

Our service is oriented to the development and management of architectural projects and unique technological solutions, through innovation as an incremental value engine towards the optimization of processes and improvements of services.

Project management

We articulate strategic, operational and support processes under an integrated management system.

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We develop architectural projects tailored to the needs of the client.

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R+D+i management

We develop technological projects focused on innovation and improvement of the processes, products and services involved in the building and design industry.

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Technological solutions

We manage and develop innovative technological projects to respond to singular constructive problems.

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Technical Audits

We develop audits of architectural projects and construction processes by implementing a systematic audit plan that is appropriate to the client’s needs.

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Environmental Certification

Knowing the impact of a building on the environment and implementing corrective measures to offset its effect in design phases is one of our main objectives.

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